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Student Housing

Studeum western harbor student housing

In Malmö there are about 2000 student apartments or rooms - and far more students studying, which is why it can be very hard to find an apartment.

The majority of the available apartments are advertised only through the housing agency Boplats Syd. How quickly you will get an apartment offer is based on how long you have been in the queue, therefore it is wise to register as early as possible. It can take between 1-8 months to get an offer on a student apartment and even more for regular apartments.

Fill in this form to sign up to boplatssyd. Use the google translate function on the webiste to translate it to english.

Tips for getting a student apartmet

  1. Look at the information about the different student houses below.
  2. Register with Boplats Syd.
  3. Register with the smaller student housing companies.
  4. Update your search often to keep track of what's available.
  5. Combine your application to private companies with phone calls/personal letters.

We advise you to start looking for apartments even before you are accepted as there is a lack of student apartments and it is very hard to get one.

Location of the student apartments in Malmö

Click on the picture to see a larger version of it.

Click on the student houses below to get more information about each student apartment; how it looks, how much the rent is and activities to do nearby. How to apply for a student apartment varies depending on the different property owners - information about the application process is provided on each page.


Studenthus Alexandra
Studenthus Altona
Celsiusgarden 150
Studenthus Dalaplan
Studenthus Idaborgsgatan
Studenthus Kryddgården
Malmö Studenthus
Malmö Studenthus
Studenthus Rönnen
Studenthus Sege Park
Sege Park
Studenthus Sommarstaden
Studenthus Studeum
Studenthus Svante
Studenthus Västra Varvsgatan
Västra Varvsgatan
Studenthus Xantippa

Student apartments for families

Most student apartments are one room apartments and the landlords do often only allow one tenant in the  apartment. If you wish to live in a student apartment with a partner or family there are a few two bedroom student apartments in wich it is allowed to live together with someone. If you wish to live in a student apartment together with someone that is not a student then that is okay as long as the person signing the contract is a student.

Two-bedroom student apartments are available at:

  • Celsiusgården (3)
  • Malmö Studenthus (2)
  • Rönnen (13)
  • Sege Park (12)
  • Södra sommarstaden (26)
  • Studeum (33)
  • Xantippa (4)
  • Idaborgsgatan (35)
  • Västra varvsgatan (5)
  • Panelgatan (8)

If you need a larger apartment, you primarily have two options; either find a larger regular rental apartment or try to find something suitable on the second hand housing market.

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