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Student Health Service

Line at the Student Health Service

Student Health Service can help you with any questions and concerns about your health and your studies. You can get counselling, advice, take tests, and take part in events and lectures relating to lifestyle and mental health issues. 

You can talk to counsellors, nurses, midwives and public health graduates. All appointments are free, confidential and noted in your medical record.

Closed for summer July 2nd-July 30th. 

In need of health care or support during this period? See below: 

Emergency situation: Call 112

To speak to a nurse for medical advice and referral to the nearest clinic: Call 1177

Psychiatric emergency clinic in Malmö: Call 040-33 80 00

Do you need somebody to talk to? 
Suicide line 90101
National help line
020-22 00 60 
(All days kl.13-22)
Fellow support line
(Alla dagar kl. 21-06)

Make an appointment or drop in

Student Health Service is in the Student Centre at Neptuniplan 7.

Contact info and opening hours

Book your appointment using an online form


Book an individual meeting with one of our counsellors. Together, we try to identify your situation and find ways to work with what is troubling you. If you need further support or another type of specialist care, we can refer you.

Health care guidance

You can turn to Student Health Service to get free health care guidance. Common questions are: how do I get in contact with a doctor or a specialist? And where do I turn to with different kinds of symptoms of illness?


Get advice from our nurses and midwives about contraception or other matters. It is also possible to get a prescription for a contraceptive pill or other birth control. The nurses also have a wealth of knowledge about healthcare in Malmö and can guide you through the many options available.


You can have different types of tests carried out by our nurses and midwives. These include tests for STIs, HIV and pregnancy, but also things concerning your lifestyle. You can either drop in or make an appointment.

Available tests

Individual programmes for sustainable living habits

We can help you to make good changes in your habits through an individual programme. Areas we focus on include diet, exercise, sleep, alcohol and tobacco. In four sessions we look through your needs and your lifestyle, and will give you feedback on a diary that you will be requested to write regularly. Together, we can make a plan of action for your new habits, and after two months we will have a follow-up meeting.

Events and lectures

During term time, Student Health Service arranges events and lectures in different areas connected to health and wellbeing. All lectures are free and registration is usually not required. You may need to register in advance for certain courses or groups, however.

Upcoming courses and lectures

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