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Scholarships for prospective students

Malmö University Master's Scholarships - MUMS

Malmö University administers scholarships for talented master's students from countries outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland. These scholarships are available for students admitted to master's programmes only.

Application period open 6-15 April, 2018. Results announced on April 27.

Malmö University Master's Scholarship (MUMS)

Swedish Institute Scholarships

The Swedish Institute coordinates a number of different scholarship programmes that can be used for studies in the on-site master's programmes at Malmö University.

Application period open 2-9 February, 2018. Results announced on April 26.

Swedish Institute Scholarships

Scholarships for current students

Malmö University Excellence Scholarships - MUES

These scholarships are available for currently enrolled students who are continuing their studies in the second or third year of a programme at Malmö.

Malmö University Excellence Scholarship (MUES)

Scholarships for studies abroad

Malmö University offers a few scholarships for studies abroad, including Erasmus+, Nordplus, Linnaeus-Palme, MFS and more. 

Scholarships for studies abroad

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