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The dean's decision meeting

As of 2018, all decisions made by the dean – including the signing of research applications – are made at decision meetings once a week. This procedure ensures a higher quality in the decision-making process and clarifies the process for all parties. Meetings are held on Mondays 10.00-11.00 until further notice. All meetings are held in meeting room NIB0514, unless otherwise noted.

For dates and times, please see the Swedish version.

Should the dean be unable to attend a decision-meeting, the pro dean will step in. On rare occasions the meeting might be cancelled.


1. No later than a week before the decision meeting:

Add your item to the agenda by sending an e-mail to TS_Dekan@mah.se no later than a week before the decision meeting. Please include the following:

  • Description of your case, its background and how the matter has been handled within your department
  • All the documents that are needed in order for the dean to make a decision (beslutsunderlag)
    The following is required in regards to research applications:
    - Abstract
    - Budget, including specifications of external co-funding (if applicable)
    - Checklist signed by your economist, the head of your department and applicant(s) 
  • A clarification of what decision it is that you need
  • The date for the meeting at which you wish to present your case.

Please keep in mind that applications for over fifteen million SEK need to be signed by the vice chancellor as well, see Checklista för ansökningar av externa medel.

All other cases are processed by the faculty’s HR specialist, the research administrator or the quality coordinator.

Keep in mind that you have to attend the decision meeting to present your case.

A confirmation will be sent to you and the agenda for the upcoming meeting will be sent to all who have registered an item, as well as to the following:

  • Student representative
  • Doctoral representative
  • Union representatives
  • Faculty management

2. On the day of the meeting:

When you have an item on the agenda, you need to be present at the meeting and bring the documents for the dean to sign.

3. After the meeting:

When a decision has been made, you need to do the following:

  • Make sure that the filing department (Registrator) receives your documents
  • Make sure that the decision reaches the appropriate people