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Curriculum for compulsory school
History in pages 163-175

National test in compulsory school 2013/14.
In the curriculum of history in Lgr11 four lines of development or trends are identified as central. They are interaction of cultures, migration, politics and living conditions. The knowledge requirements corresponding to these lineages are:

“Pupils can study some trends where cultures interact, and in migration, politics and living conditions and describe (…) relationships between different time periods. Pupils also give some possible extrapolations of these trends and justify their reasoning by applying (…) references to the past and the present.”

The items selected as an example of the test 2013/14, represents a cohesive theme around the development line how cultures interact and also gives the pupil the opportunity to indicate any possible continuation of this line. The theme contain items that tests all four competencies specified in the curriculum

History curriculum Upper Secondary school

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