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International contacts

Sport and recreation are naturally international in character: as well as providing international perspective and knowledge, the Department of Sports Science participates in a number of cooperative projects covering both foundation studies and research.

On-line Journals

The Department publishes the on-line journal idrottsforum.org – the Nordic Sports Studies Forum – a leading source of information about sport science, and a valuable resource tool for scholars of sports in the Nordic countries. The journal covers a wide range of issues related to the social and humanities aspects of the sports science. Contributions to the journal focus on the interplay between sport and society.

Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum is a companion to Idrottsforum.org and is a refereed, online and open-access academic journal for the study of sports, with a multi-disciplinary approach.

International Partners

Amongst Malmö University’s international partners, a number focus on sports science. Some of them are:

In the Nordic countries:
All the universities in Nordplus Idrott

Universities and colleges in The European Physical Education Network, I3PE 
Great Britain: University of Worcester, University of Westminster and University of Stirling

Rest of the world

  • University of Western Cape (South Africa)
  • University of Tasmania (Australia)
  • Griffith University (Australia)
  • University of Sydney (Australia)
  • La Trobe University (Australia)
  • University of Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania)
  • Ball State University (USA)

More information about the work on internationalization carried out in the Department is available from Mats Johnsson.

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