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K3 Research Fair

K3 research fair is an opportunity for students, researchers and teachers to meet and match. Participants can be inspired by the research conducted in K3, learn about projects in which students can contribute with their exam projects, and researchers looking for student assistance may find  students whose skills and interests matches ongoing or planned projects.

The posters presented at the fair will also be available digitally for those who cannot attend the event.

Finally: this is intended as a win-win exchange. The researchers should be able to profit from students’ work and vice versa: there is no obligation from neither part to accept a collaboration unless it has potential for both participants. The research fair aims at collaborations where student engage in researchers’ projects (or in side-projects related to those), and researchers engage as supervisors according to the exam course of the student. The collaborations are possible also outside the exam projects. Exam-project supervision is subject to time-availability for supervisors and programmes.


Pille Pruulmann Vengerfeldt and Åsa Harvard


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