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Marité Cárdenas Research Group

The group's current interest deals with the understanding of the key physicochemical properties of biointerfaces, and how they determine the interactions with biomolecules in solution.


Typical questions we want to answer include:

1. What is the structure of lipoprotein particles and how does it relate to the binding to blood vessel components?

2. What is the physicochemical behavior of lipid mixtures and how it relates to real cell membranes?

3. How does lipid composition regulate the function of a membrane protein and how does it modulate supra protein interactions?


We have bachelor and master projects open now. Please contact for further details.

We have 2 new projects to start in 2019 that work around membrane regulation of membrane bound protein complexes and lipoproteins structure and dynamics.


The group is situated at FORSKAREN, Malmö högskola's building for research and open lab spaces. Nicely situated in front of the shopping center Mobilia, a short walk from Triangel train station.

Here we have access to a wide variety of surface sensitive techniques, anaytical techniques including FPLC, HPLC both at analytical and preparative level, NMR, MS, among others. We are regular users of large scale facilites for neutron and X ray scattering.


Our research is funded by the Swedish Research Council, Interreg ESS & MAX IV: Cross Border Science and Society and the Craaford Foundation

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