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Medea – A Research Lab for Collaborative Media, Design, and Public Engagement

Medea is a transdisciplinary research lab at Malmö University where researchers address societal challenges through experiments and interventions. The research focus is on media, design, and public engagement.

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Researchers affiliated with Medea have academic backgrounds that span widely across the humanities, the social sciences, and technology.

Academic disciplines and collaboration

Academic disciplines include participatory design, interaction design, media & communication studies, media technology, urban studies, and human rights. The research is often carried out in close collaboration with external stakeholders such as NGOs, the municipality, artists, and commercial actors.

Podcast and Public Lectures

Medea Vox is an academic podcast that covers topics broadly related to media, design, and public engagement.

Medea Talks is a public lecture series invites highly skilled thinkers and practitioners from the media and design fields.


Medea, previously known as Medea Collaborative Media Initiative, was founded in 2009 as a university-wide research center dedicated to design led research on collaborative media and social innovation. Since 2015, Medea is a research platform at the Faculty of Culture and Society, Malmö University.


Director Bo Reimer, professor of media and communication studies.

For questions regarding communication and events, contact Karolina Rosenqvist or Richard Topgaard.

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