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Individual study plan

In connection with decisions on admission to doctoral research training programmes (third cycle), an individual study plan should be written. The study plan could be seen as a contract between the doctoral candidate and the university with both parties participating in the drawing up of the contract.

The individual study plan describes the specifics encompassed by the doctoral thesis, supervision, financial planning, component courses and other resources necessary to fulfil the requirements of the programme within the stated time period.

As a planning tool, the individual study plan clarifies the relationship between the faculty, supervisor and doctoral candidate, functioning as a support for ensuring progress in the programme with consideration given to national and local qualitative goals (knowledge and understanding, competence and skills and judgement and approach).

The individual study plan is at the same time a formal document describing the relationship between the university and the doctoral candidate (Higher Education Ordinance chapter 6, paragraph 30) where it is stated that if a doctoral candidate fails to fulfil their undertakings as described in the individual study plan, there may be grounds to withdraw the right to supervision and access to other resources for the programme.

Annual review of the individual study plan

It is important both for the doctoral candidate and the supervisor that the individual study plan is updated continually. Problems arising within research training programmes can be avoided if a workable individual study plan has been agreed upon. 

The individual study plan is reviewed annually. In connection with this review process the plan is signed by the doctoral candidate, supervisor, examiner and dean. Following the signature of the document, the individual study plan is officially registered and recorded in the Ladok student registry. Individual faculties will take the initiative to and be responsible for the setting up of individual study plans and the annual review of the document. In cases of making significant changes which are relevant for the implementation of the programme an extra revision of the individual study plan should be made.

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