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Study plan and syllabus

General syllabus

Each PhD subject area has its own general syllabus containing information about:

  • the content of the study programme, literature and any obligatory elements
  • the content and organisation of the study programme
  • general and specific entry requirements
  • selection and basis of assessment concerning the student’s ability to benefit from the study programme
  • the possibility of concluding part of the study programme with a licentiate degree.

Individual study plan

In conjunction with decisions about admission to PhD studies, an individual study plan must be produced. The individual study plan can be seen as a contract between the doctoral student, the supervisors and the university concerning the joint commitment to ensure the successful completion of the PhD study programme. The individual study plan describes the specialisation of the thesis, supervision, financing plan, courses and other resources needed to successfully complete the PhD study programme within the allotted time (four years of full-time study).

Individual study plan

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