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Reporting in Ladok

The documentation of studies at third-cycle level is regulated by the Higher Education Ordinance and local regulations.

For doctoral studies, the faculty’s research administrator must document the following in Ladok:

  • Admission
  • Supervisors and examiner
  • Individual study plan
  • Registration
  • Activity and financial support
  • Approved study break
  • Non-completion of studies
  • Completed proportion of study programme
  • Approved courses
  • Evaluation of courses
  • Credited courses
  • Special permission to participate in courses at third-cycle level
  • Evaluation of courses within a subject field
  • All courses completed
  • Approved thesis
  • Degree certificate


All active doctoral students must be registered in Ladok at the beginning of each semester.

Reporting of activity and financial support

Malmö University is required to provide information about doctoral students to Statistics Sweden (the Swedish government agency responsible for producing official statistics regarding Sweden). This information is also used in the university’s annual report. All institutions that have doctoral students must, therefore, submit a report about the doctoral student’s activity and financial support.

Results and registration certificates

Can be retrieved by the student in Ladok Student. 

Ladok Student

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