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Guidelines for doctoral education

The involvement of doctoral candidates in the production of knowledge is central to all doctoral education. This means that all doctoral programmes are closely linked to research while also constituting a natural continuation of the second cycle educational programmes. High-quality research must therefore be part of our doctoral education to ensure doctoral programmes of high quality.

The doctoral candidate’s work will take place in a research environment that has a sufficient number of doctoral candidates and supervisors as well as other researchers working in the field. The doctoral education research environment will at all times be characterised by creativity combined with a critical, scientific approach.

Doctoral programmes will prepare the doctoral candidate for both an academic career and a career outside of the higher education sector.

Doctoral education will be informed by Malmö University’s general focus on key societal challenges. This requires an open-minded approach and a perspective that is diverse and enriching. 

This is overall guidelines for the doctoral education conducted at Malmö University. The responsibility for doctoral education lies primarily in the faculties, which will endeavor to follow these guidelines.

Further information can be found at national and local level at the faculty in concern.

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