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Degrees and disputation

The annual celebration at Malmö University

Licentiate degree

A licentiate degree concludes two years of full-time doctoral studies or can also be taken when a doctoral student has reached the halfway stage of a doctoral degree.

Doctoral degree

A doctoral degree is awarded following completion of third-cycle studies corresponding to four years of full-time study.

Thesis and disputation

The doctoral thesis presents the results of the research and the research field. The thesis is either written as a monograph (one coherent work) or as a compilation thesis (a number of articles or papers with a general introduction to the field of research).

At the disputation, the doctoral student presents the thesis in a seminar where an external reviewer is assigned the task of critically scrutinising the thesis and delivering his/her observations.

Degree certificate

Once the disputation or licentiate seminar has been successfully passed, you must apply for your degree certificate. In order to be able to do this, the study programme’s component course must also have been completed. The degree certificate is issued by the university’s Degree Office

Annual awards ceremony

The university’s newly-conferred doctors and doctors admitted via other universities are celebrated at an awards ceremony, held annually.

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