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Admission to PhD studies

To become a PhD student you must apply, and be admitted to, a vacant employed position. These are found under vacancies (in swedish). All international PhD positions will be posted in English. 

A majority of PhD students in Sweden are employed by their university. This means that you get a salary as well as paid vacation leave and the right to paid parental leave when you become a PhD student.

No admission- or tuition fees

There are no admission- or tuition fees if you are admitted as a PhD through Malmö University. Alternative financing (if you are not employed) for PhD studies will only be accepted in special circumstances.

Subject areas and faculties

Malmö University has degree-awarding powers within the following subject areas:

  • Biomedical science
  • Health, healthcare and welfare
  • Sports science
  • Migration, Urbanisation and Societal Change (MUSA)
  • New Media, Public Spheres and Forms of Expression (NMOG)
  • Odontology
  • Education Science

The courses are run by:

Faculty of Culture and Society
Faculty of Education and Society
Faculty of Health and Society
Faculty of Odontology
Faculty of Technology and Society

Partnership with other universities

The university’s PhD studies are also available via partnerships with other universities, upon agreement. Such collaborations exist within International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER), Infrastructure and for certain subjects within technology. For these study programmes, admission is governed by the host university.

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