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PhD studies at Malmö University

doctoral student at the faculty of Odontology

How to become a PhD student

If you would like to continue your studies beyond your master’s degree, it is possible to progress to doctoral studies. A PhD programme corresponds to four years of full-time study (240 HE credits) and ends with a doctoral degree. After two years of study (120 HE credits), a licentiate degree can be taken. 

Overall guidelines for doctoral education at Malmö University

To be admitted to PhD studies, you must first apply for, and be granted, a vacant employed PhD position at the university. If there are special circumstances, alternative forms of funding may be accepted. 

Admission to doctoral studies

PhD subjects

Malmö University has approximately 200 active PhD students and all the university’s subject areas are represented. It is the faculties that are responsible for PhD studies.

Subjects for PhD studies  

PhD courses

In addition to the actual doctoral thesis, the PhD study programme also includes one component course. The content of this course is governed by the general syllabus for the PhD subject area. The specific courses that should be included in the study programme will be decided upon in consultation with the supervisors.

PhD courses at Malmö University  

Doctoral thesis

In order to be awarded a doctoral degree, you are required to have written and orally defended a scientific doctoral thesis. The thesis should correspond to at least 120 HE credits and may take the form of either a monograph or a compilation thesis.

Degrees and disputation



Doctoral Support at Malmö University

Doctoral Support

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