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Internet of Things and People Research Center


Internet of Things and People (IOTAP) is a research center at Malmö University that studies how people can get the most out of the Internet of Things. The work involves computer scientists, interaction designers, professionals and users. Through applied research, IOTAP addresses a range of current challenges in society. The aim is to become an internationally recognized research environment known for its integrated approach to technical and human aspects.

The evolution of the Internet of Things has largely been driven by developments in technology. Computing power and connectivity are becoming smaller, cheaper and more energy efficient, making it possible to connect and augment an increasing range of objects.

How people can make meaningful use of these new technical possibilities is still an open question, to a great extent. In order to develop successful products and services that are meaningful and useful, the perspective of the users must be integrated in the studies on the Internet of Things. Therefore IOTAP focuses on the following research areas:

• How users interact with the connected devices
• How users can be involved in the development of new IoT services and products
• How intelligence embedded in the devices can improve the usability and functionality of IoT services and products

The research at IOTAP is carried out in application areas such as energy, transportation, health, learning, and home automation. Research and development for these application areas is done through projects where researchers, industry partners, and users work together.

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