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The Migration Seminar

The Migration Seminar is a multidisciplinary forum for researchers from all faculties at Malmö University with an interest in migration, integration, diversity and related issues. Master students interested in the research field are also invited and welcome to participate in the Migration Seminar.

The purpose of the seminar is to facilitate exchange of ideas and knowledge, and to stimulate pluralism of perspectives, theories and methods. The seminar offers a wide variety of research related activities ranging from paper and project presentations to especially invited public figures and panel debates. It also hosts the seminar series of the Willy Brandt Guest professor. As the seminar has a distinctly international profile, both with respect to attendance and topics, most sessions are held in English.


The Migration Seminars Spring 2018


January 25 

The EU-Turkey deal and the impact on refugee children

Michelle Pace, Roskilde University, Denmark 

February 1

“More Beautiful Than Something We Could Create Ourselves”: Exploring Swedish Transnational/-racial Adoption Desire
Richey Wyver, Auckland University

February 2 

INFORM (Access to Legal and Procedural Information for Asylum Seekers in Europe)
Ioana Bunescu, Malmö University
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February 8 

The politics of diaspora-making: A critical approach to Turkey's diaspora engagement policy in Europe
Bahar Baser, Coventry University, UK  
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February 15

Fast track courses for refugee teachers - curriculum issues identified
Maaike Haijer, Utrecht University, the Netherlands and Catarina Economou, Malmö University
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March 1 

Employment subsidies in low-wage sectors
Olle Frödin, Lund University 
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March 8 

Why here? Stateless Refugees’ from Syria Influences in Choosing Germany or Sweden as Countries to Seek Asylum
Jason Tucker, Malmö University
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March 15

Vulnerable Permanency in a Mass Influx of Refugees: The Case of Syrians in Turkey
Ahmet Icduygu, Koç University, Istanbul Turkey
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March 22 

EU Migration Policy Changes in Times of Crisis. Discourses surrounding EU Migration Policies during the ‘Refugee Crisis
Moa Nalepa, Malmö University

April 5 

Ather Akbari, Saint Mary’s University 

April 12

Matthew Gibney, University of Oxford 

April 19 

The rights of indigeneous peoples: a comparative study of constitutions
Ulf Mörkenstam, Ludvig Beckman and Sofia Näsström, Stockholm and Uppsala universities 

April 26 

The Advent of Multiculturalism in the Nordic Countries in the 1970s. A Comparative Policy Analysis
Tawat Mahama, Malmö University

May 3 

Mixedness and Social Integration in Spain
Dan Rodriguez García, University of Barcelona

May 17

Immigrant Naturalization in Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden: Origin, Destination and Life Course in Longitudinal Perspective
Maarten Vink, Maastricht University

May 24 

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