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Research at MIM

MIM is a natural meeting point for researchers and others who are jointly committed to the area of investigation without focusing on differences in e.g. disciplinary backgrounds. We achieve pluralism by means of pragmatism.

Our research is divided between projects that ethnographically and statistically engage with the lives of migrants and projects dealing indirectly with representations of migration in the media, museums, minority groups, public attitudes and elsewhere. And we deal both with policy and discourse, both with the causes and the effects of migration.

MIM contributes to concrete knowledge dissemination that is of direct use to policy-makers (in the Scania area, but also elsewhere) and to a scrutiny of analytical and critical work in the various fields of academic research devoted to migration and integration.

Some 20 to 30 research projects are currently based at MIM and range from locally funded research projects to EU projects.

News about our research is disseminated four times per year via our newsletter. To start a subscription just send an email to the following address: christian.fernandez@mah.se

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