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MIM Newsletter Fall 2017 is published.

Malmö är en lämplig plats för ett museum om demokrati- och migrationsfrågor. Det visar den förstudie som lämnades till kultur- och demokratiminister Alice Bah Kuhnke och kulturdepartementet den 19 april för vidare beslut. 

New MIM Working paper 17.4 Attitudes Toward Immigrants among Youth in Sweden by Ph. Student Beint Magnus Aamodt Bentsen. 

The new working paper 17.3 Ethnic options, covering, and passing - Multiracial and multiethnic identities in Japan authored by Sayaka Osanami Törngren pays close attention to identification processes of “Haafu” (half) in the Japanese society. How do they identify themselves and how do other people perceive them? The paper shows that multiracial and multiethnic individuals have a diverse range of “ethnic options” to manoeuvre through in society.

MIM Academic Record 2016 is out.

MIM Newsletter Winter 2016/2017 is published. 

This year´s second working paper 17:2 Discrimination Multipliers How Immigrants’ integration affects labour market disadvantage is now out. Flavia Fossati and colleagues have shown, by means of survey experiment, how levels of cultural distance and a strong social and cultural integration, considering different employment categories, affects second-generation immigrants’ labour market chances in Switzerland.

Published New MIM Working Paper Series 17:1 Political déjà Vu: Symbolic transferability and political cultural reconstruction among Mexican migrants in New Zealand by Guillermo Merelo, PhD Scholar, University of Auckland. 

WHO's Panorama issue focused on migration and health is published, including Katarina Carlzén and Slobodan Zdravkovic's report on “Promoting refugees’ right to health and social inclusion” 

New publication on MILSA 1 project Kartläggning av nyanländas hälsa authored by Slobodan Zdravkovic, Mathias Grahn and Carin Björngren Cuadra

Call for papers Sub-Theme 21: Migration and Inclusion, at the 2017 EGOS colloquium in Copenhagen 6-8 July 2017.

Anna Lundberg, Associate Professor in Human Rights at Malmö University, has been commissioned by the government to investigate and propose changes to Sweden’s asylum legislation. The inquiry, which should be completed by September 2017, looks primarily at the occurrences of residence permit cases where a deportation order cannot be executed because of practical reasons beyond the control of individuals and how the law is applied in these cases.

MIM Newsletter Fall 2016

Nordregio News 3/2016 is out. Please feel free to distribute the pdf to your networks. Also, we will publish a working paper and a policy brief about “The impact of migration on projected population trends in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden: 2015-2080” within a month or so.

Katarina Carlzén's text on research-based support platform MILSA, involving more than 50 partners, aimed at providing refugees, migrants and other marginalized groups in Sweden with culturally sensitive civic and health information is presented on  WHO World Humanitarian Day News

Helping Hands. Research Network on the Everyday Border Work of European Citizens project has received funding. MIM researcher Daniela DeBono is one of the researchers involved.

MIM Newsletter Summer 2016

MIM researcher Ioana Bunescu was part of the panel in the Public Debate: EU Mobility, Begging and the Roma that took place in Lund at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute on Wednesday April 6th to recognize the International Roma Day on April 8th. Link to Raoul Wallenberg webpage event and link to Sydsvenskan article.

MIM Academic Record 2015 published.

New publication, MIM Working Paper Series 16:1 The Work/Non-work Experiences of Highly Skilled Migrants: An Outline of an Emergent Research Fieldauthored by Maja Povrzanović Frykman, Ioana Bunescu and Katarina Mozetič.

At least five Post Doctorate Positions in Refugee Research at the Faculty of Culture and Society (KS) and the Faculty of Health and Society (HS), Malmö University are open for apply by 14 March 2016.

Latest MIM Newsletter Winter 2015

The 2015 MIM Master Essay Award goes to the thesis “Being highly skilled and a refugee. Experiences of non-European physicians in Sweden” authored by Katarina Mozetič. Read more here The MIM Master Essay Award .




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