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Guest Professorship in Memory of Willy Brandt

The Guest Professorship at IMER (International Migration and Ethnic Relations) in Memory of Willy Brandt is a donation to Malmö University financed by the City of Malmö. The Guest Professorship was donated to the IMER Department when Malmö University was inaugurated on 31 August 1998. Since 1 January 2007 it has been located at MIM.

International migration and ethnic relations

The purpose of the Professorship is to strengthen research at Malmö University in the field of international migration and ethnic relations. As IMER has a strong international focus, the City of Malmö sought, via the Guest Professorship, to reinforce contacts with international experts in order to ensure that they would become an integral part of research and teaching in the field of IMER. To this end, an internationally oriented Guest Professorship creates a constant exchange of knowledge and ideas and enhances IMER’s and MIM’s academic strength. The gift from the City of Malmö also includes a Research Fellow (forskarassistent) and a Postgraduate Student (doktorand) post.

Willy Brandt, West Germany's Chancellor

In order to emphasise the importance and status of the scientific investment in a Guest Professorship with its associated posts, the City of Malmö obtained the family’s permission to name a Guest Professorship after him. As a consequence of the Second World War Willy Brandt was forced to seek refuge in Sweden and developed strong ties with both Norway and Sweden. He served as West Germany’s Chancellor from 1969 - 1974. 


Willy Brandt Series of Working Papers is a part of the MIM Working Paper Series.

Willy Brandt Conference Proceedings

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