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Biofilms – Research Center for Biointerfaces

Shaping novel solutions for improved health through excellent science in partnership with industry

Biofilms – Research Center for Biointerfaces is a translational research center covering four research groups within three faculties at Malmö University. The center has three core research areas: i) Biofilms at interfaces, ii) Smart materials at interfaces and iii) Biobarriers and pharmaceutical design. The center combines several different expertise such as materials science, prosthodontics, physical and colloid chemistry, analytical and synthetic chemistry, biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, and microbiology. Therefore, the center has exceptional capacity for interdisciplinary research projects and to meet the needs of the industry and solve their research problems.

The ambition of the center is to become a prime entry point for the industry and the surrounding society seeking translational academic expertise in  biomedicine and biotechnology.

We offer

• A multidisciplinary problem-oriented approach to questions related to biofilms and biological interfaces.
• Flexibility and creativity in finding the optimal project strategy in collaboration with each individual client
• State of the art equipment in our core research areas
• Resources gathered within one center, providing established routines for collaboration with industry to the benefit of all parts involved.

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