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The Department of Social Work offers education at both undergraduate, graduate level and PhD-level. Our programmes and courses are mainly taught in Swedish but we also offer two courses taught in English.  

Courses in English

Social work: social policies and welfare studies (bachelor-level) 7,5 credits 

Social work in a local and global context (bachelor-level) 30 credits

Undergraduate programmes in Swedish

Social Work

This 210 credit full study-programme prepares students to work for public, private and voluntary social organisations that care for children, adolescents, adults, elderly and families. Multicultural society is used as a basis for training. 

Social pedagogical work focusing on disability

This 180 credit programme provides an education for those who want to work with individuals of all ages who have a physical or psychological disability. The programme prepares students to work with children, adolescents and adults.

Social Psychiatry

This 180 credit programme leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Psychiatry. The content is closely connected to the interdisciplinary research programme and includes everything from nosology, phenomenology, psychiatry, and psychology, to social work and an overall critical study of culture and society. 

Advanced programmes in Swedish

Master’s degree in Social Work

The programme allows students to develop and explore questions and issues about social work on a deeper level, placing particular emphasis on social vulnerability and social change. The programme is designed to prepare students for advanced fieldwork.

Master’s degree in Sexology

The programme is targeted towards people who are already working as a counsellor, midwife, nurse, psychologist or physician. It provides students with an in-depth knowledge of various cultural perspectives on sexuality.

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