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Faculty of Education and Society

students at Malmö University

The Faculty of Education and Society offers some of the most popular programmes within teacher education in Sweden. Moreover, it carries out extensive research within the field. All education and research at the faculty sets out to benefit society. 


We educate students to teach at pre-school, primary school and secondary school levels. The faculty also offers sport science programmes, education in professional guidance counselling and programmes in special needs. The faculty offers education at basic, advanced and research levels, as well as education for professional development.


Research is conducted within the fields of Sports Sciences and Science of Education. Education at research level is offered within Sport Sciences, with specialisation in Social Sciences and Humanities, History and History Didactics, Science and Mathematics Education, Pedagogy, and Swedish Language Didactics. 


The faculty consists of six departments: Children, Youth and SocietyCulture, Languages and MediaSociety Culture and IdentitySchool of Development and LeadershipNatural Science,Mathematics and Society and Sport Sciences.

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