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Work environment

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At the Faculty of Technology and Society, there is a local liaison group that handles questions concerning work environment at least four times per year.

The local liaison group consists of the dean, administrative manager and union representatives, and it is expanded to include a safety representative and a student representative on the occasions that questions about work environment are discussed.

Johanna Nygren Spanne (SACO) i safety officer of the Kranen and Ubåtshallen buildings. She also coordinates the safety representatives for Kranen and Ubåtshallen.

In October each year, a safety inspection is carried out, and work concerning work environment is followed up the spring following the past fiscal year.

The head manager of flammable materials is Rickard du Rietz, and Jakob Blomqvist is the deputy manager.

If you experience problems regarding your work environment, turn to your boss or, if he/she is unavailable, such as during vacation time, you can turn to the faculty office, which is always staffed.

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