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Internet of Things and People (IOTAP) is a research center at Malmö University that studies how people can get the most out of the Internet of Things. The work involves computer scientists, interaction designers, professionals and users. Through applied research, IOTAP addresses a range of current challenges in society. 

IOTAPs research seminars take place every other Monday at 10:15. At every opportunity a IOTAP related research article is presented and discussed. The seminars are open to all interested.

More info about the seminars at IOTAPs webpage

Contact: Paul Davidsson



Lund-Malmö Centre of Atomic Systems (LUMCAS) is an initiative to gather research on atomic structure and processes and its applications to terrestial and astrophysical plasmas, and industrial applications. The approach is both theoretical and experimental. Lund-Malmö Centre for Atomic Structure is standing on the shoulders of Rydberg and has core members from Malmö University and Lund University.

LUMCAS research seminars take place Friday, every other week, 3-5 pm, alternating between Lund and Malmö:

More info about the seminars at LUMCAS webpage

Contact: Henrik Hartman


Computational Media

The Computational Media Lab at the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology is a transdisciplinary research lab. As a research lab they acknowledge the increasing ubiquity of algorithms, data, and procedural structures in contemporary society.

Seminars are organized every two weeks, alternating between mornings and afternoons.

For more information: Computational Media Lab

Contact: Martin Berg

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