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Research areas

Research is an important part of the university's activities, and the scope of our research is growing rapidly. At the Departement of Materials Science and Applied Mathematics, research is conducted in the following areas:

Materials Science and Applied Mathematics

The Materials Science and Applied Mathematics research group works on scientific computing with applications of fracture mechanics, stress corrosion, high performance engineering and biocompatible materials, respectively, and quantum systems.

Research is also carried out in the fields of differential equations, medical image analysis, eco-system analysis, biomechanics and biofilms. We perform material characterization, as well, by using e.g. mechanical testing, microscopy and diffraction techniques.

We have broad collaborations with the industry, and interacts with leading academic institutions around the world. The group is part of LUMCAS.

Contact: Per Jönsson

Construction Science

Communication and the dissemination of knowledge and information is the focus of research in construction science at Malmö University. A starting point is the professionals' situation and their resources and opportunities to perform duties in a sustainable and efficient manner. The challenge lies in managing change in professional roles, the information society and digital development. Another starting point is the construction and planning processes in an over-all perspective.

Research and development is conducted in close collaboration with the construction industry and society. Examples of research and development areas are BIM usage and tools; knowledge portals for the construction industry within new construction; the RMI sector and civil construction; teaching aids and pedagogical development in construction production; and risk and work safety analyses in the workplace.

Contact: Mats Persson

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