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Research areas

Computer Science

Research in Computer Science at Malmö University is about developing and analysing concepts and methods that aim to make software and its application more user-friendly, effective and reliable. One focus of the research is the various aspects of the Internet of Things. Currently, research is conducted in the following four areas:

Distributed and Intelligent Systems

Including distributed data processing and decision-making together with architecture for information storage and communication. It also includes the effective use of data, typically including sensor data. The area is also covered by integrated and context-dependent systems.

System and application development

System and application development can be described as the software's connection to the user and organisation as well as its development and implementation. This also includes the concept of user-centered software development.

Modelling, optimisation and simulation

The area includes what reality conveniently can be represented by computer-based models to allow analysis with a view to understanding and improving existing or future systems. These models often form the basis of a decision support system.

Algorithm analysis and design

Algorithm Analysis and Design covers the development and analysis of efficient algorithms.

Current application areas include energy systems, smart buildings, e-health, mobile learning, logistics and transportation, e-commerce and digital games.

A large part of our research is conducted within the research centre Internet of Things and People (IOTAP)

Media Technology

Research in Media Technology aims to use technology to facilitate and improve communication between people through the use of media and media production. The subject has its origins in technology, but it is conducted in an interdisciplinary manner with fields such as computer science, interaction design, pedagogy, media management, and media and communication studies.

The research group at Media Technology conducts research in media development, multi-channel publishing, business development and entrepreneurship, learning and IT, and web based solutions. Specific projects include the Internet of things, Pedagogical Tools for Assessment of Communication, Strategic Leadership in the Media, and Competition and Cooperation within the media industry.

Contact: Sara Leckner

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