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Department of Computer Science and Media Technology

Students at the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology

Department of Computer Science and Media Technology offers research-related programmes at both bachelor’s and master’s levels. Research at the Department takes place in two areas, Computer Science and Media Technology. Education and research are conducted in close collaboration with both private and public sectors.

Social media, mobile applications, digital games, strategic management, artificial intelligence, information architecture and digital media are some of the application areas we are interested in at the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology.

Computer Science

Research in computer science intents to develop and analyse concepts and methods aimed at making software and its use more user-friendly, efficient and reliable. Current application areas include energy, smart buildings, e-health, interactive learning, logistics and transportation, e-commerce and digital gaming.

Media Technology

In the field of Media Technology, we examine how technical opportunities can be used to support, facilitate and develop communication between humans and machines in different contexts of society. Research in the Media Technology applies this through the netnography, augmented reality, business development, e-learning and media in multiple channels.

Internet of Things and People

A large part of the department's research is conducted within the research centre Internet of Things and People, IoTaP. Here you will find researchers working with Computer Science, Media Technology and Interaction Design working together with industry representatives and private users.

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