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The Study Programmes Board

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According to the delegation of authority the Study Programmes Board is a preparatory body for the dean tasked with drawing up programme and course syllabi with consideration to content, business intelligence and economic viability. It is also preparatory as regards matters relating to strategy, development and quality in first-cycle courses and study programmes. Decisions on course syllabi must include specific requirements for courses and suggestions for classification.

The Study Programmes Board consists of a chairman, five teacher representatives, three representatives from employee organisations and a representative from the Student Union.

Agendas and documents for the meetings shall be sent, via the head of department, to the handling officer of the Study Programmes Board no later than 15 working days before the board’s meeting. Documents received after this will be dealt with at the next meeting.

Programme and course syllabi without an approved plan must not be advertised or marketed in another way.

Members of the Study Programmes Board:

Bengt Nilsson, Vice Dean and professor

Jeanette Eriksson, senior lecturer

Teacher representatives
Sara Leckner, senior lecturer
Annabella Loconsole
, senior lecturer
Henrik Hartman, senior lecturer
Jesper Larsson, senior lecturer
Martin Fisk, senior lecturer

Union representatives
Stefan Gustafsson (SACO)
OFR, not appointed
SEKO, not appointed

Student representatives
Betim Goxhuli
Paolo Alexandriyski
Isak Allansson

Birgitta Magnusson, quality co-ordinator

Viktoria Klingenfors, educational administrator

Andreas Jacobsson is the Faculty of Technology and Society’s representative in the university's educational preparation.

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