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The Faculty Board

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The Faculty Board at Technology and Society is responsible for issues of a comprehensive nature. On other issues, the Faculty Board advises the Dean.

The Faculty Board’s duties are to:

  • be responsible for research, education and collaboration strategies in the context of Malmö University's strategic platform.
  • follow up on the faculty’s development in relation to the faculty’s strategic development plan.
  • follow up on the faculty’s development in terms of quality of research, education and collaboration.
  • apply to the vice-chancellor to establish or propose termination of degree programmes at the faculty.
  • recommend establishment or termination of subjects in third-cycle courses and study programmes to the vice-chancellor.
  • advise the dean on other issues.

The vice-chancellor has delegated to the Faculty Board:

  • decisions concerning the Faculty's strategic development plan.
  • the decision of whether to establish or propose liquidation of degree programmes at the faculty through application to the vice-chancellor.
  • the decision to propose the establishment or liquidation of subjects for third-cycle courses and study programmes to the vice-chancellor.
  • to establish the general study plan for subjects in the third cycle.

The Faculty Board may not delegate its decision-making powers further.

The Faculty Board includes the dean, three external members, three student representatives and six scientifically competent teacher representatives.

Minutes and ther documents considered by the Faculty Board may be ordered from the administrative manager.

Agendas and documents for Faculty Board meetings shall be presented to the secretary no later than 15 working days before the meeting date. Documents received after this will be dealt with at the next meeting.

External Members
Christian Lindfors, chairman, PhD, Regional Director Tyréns AB
Åse Nilsson, principal, Pauliskolan Malmö
Kristin Heinonen, internet entrepreneur

Andreas Jacobsson

Teacher Representatives from Technology and Society
Niclas Andersson, Senior Lecturer
Patrik Berander, Senior Lecturer
Maria Engberg, Senior Lecturer
Jeanette Eriksson, Senior Lecturer
Per Jönsson, Professor
Nina Taslaman, Senior Lecturer
Gion Koch Svedberg, Senior Lecturer

Representative for Doctoral Students
Niklas Ehrlin

Student Representatives
Paolo Alexandriyski
Betim Goxhuli

Union representatives have right to attend and speak
Stefan Gustafsson (SACO)
Naser Eftekharian (OFR) 

Elisabet Hammaburg

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