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The goal is that there should be a single regulatory framework for internal control (ISK) within the state, which for Mah's part means that we must consider the following:

• Higher Education Ordinance
• Public authority ordinance
• Ordinance on internal governing and control
• Internal auditing ordinance
• Ordinance on annual accounts and budget

As of autumn 2013, the university has introduced the COSO model (the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations) that will be followed in future. For the model to be successful requires clarity about

1. The organisation’s values
2. The model for operational management
3. Clear organisation with responsibility and authority
4. Policies and guidelines (see: www.mah.se/medarbetare/styrdokument)

The following documents can be found on the Swedish website (in swedish only)

Budget and operational management
Strategic Development Plan 2014-2016
Budget 2014
Resource allocation in 2014
Operations Mission 2014

Operational and authorisation directives
Operational directives
Authorisation directives
Compilation of decision-making directives 

Vice-chancellor's delegation to the dean
Vice-chancellor's delegation to the Faculty Board
Dean’s delegation to the Assistant Dean
Dean’s delegation to department head, IMP
Dean’s delegation to department head, DV
Dean's delegation to administrative manager

Annual plans
Malmö University's comprehensive operational plan
Faculty plan

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