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Academic Appointments Board

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The Academic Appointments Board for the Faculty of Technology and Society has the following duties:

  • to consider employment of professors, visiting professors, adjunct professors, senior lecturers, assistant senior lecturers, and adjunct senior lecturers.
  • to consider promotions to senior lecturer and professor.
  • to consider appointment of docents.

Directives on decision-making and delegation of authority for the Faculty of Technology and Society (document in Swedish)

The following persons are part of the Academic Appointments Board at the Faculty of Technology and Society:

Jörgen Ekman, Senior Lecturer, DVMT, Chair
Helena Holmström Olsson, Associate Professor, DVMT, Member
Per Jönsson, Professor, MTM, Member
Daniel Spikol, Senior Lecturer, DVMT, Member
Kristian Stålne, Senior Lecturer, MTM, Member
Head of Department (at the department concerned)

Jesper Larsson, Senior Lecturer, DVMT
Martin Fisk, Senior Lecturer, MTM 

Student Representatives:
Mladen Dimitrov

The Student Union appoints its members for a maximum of one year.

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