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About the PhD degree

The PhD degree equips the student with a detailed understanding of research and leads to the acquisition of key analytical skills. For many, this degree provides a passage into academic life; for others, the skills learned can be usefully applied in many fields outside academia. Each research project is different, and you will embark on a unique, exciting and challenging exploration at the cutting-edge of your subject. You will be guided in your studies by supervisors who are experts in their field, and your progress will be monitored by the faculty to help ensure that you complete your thesis on time.

Eligibility requirements

The general requirements for third-cycle (PhD) education is that the student has received a second-cycle higher education degree (e.g. DDS, master's degree).

Furthermore, according to Higher Education Ordinance 5 Chap. 5 §, the student’s ability to appropriate the advanced learning of the third-cycle PhD programme is emphasised. Previously written material and the dissertation plan are important indicators of this ability.

Additional assessment criteria include demonstrated fluency in written and spoken English (TOEFL, IELTS).

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