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PhD studies

The postgraduate research training programme is intended to advance knowledge and skills within the field of oral health. Research education at the Faculty of Odontology is based on the student’s individual research project, courses and other activities that generate educational credits. Students are currently accepted to postgraduate training in odontology and are registered at one of the following departments: Cariology, Endodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, Odontological Technology, Oral Biology, Oral Diagnostics, Oral Surgery and Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Prosthetics, Orofacial Pain and Jaw Function, Orthodontics, Periodontology with Oral Public Health or Pedodontics.

Study Handbook

The purpose of the handbook is to provide doctoral students and their supervisors with the information about the regulations and practical applications which are in operation at the Faculty of Odontology. It also provides prospective students considering applying for admission to the postgraduate research programme with an insight into how the programme is organised.

The Study Handbook of the Faculty of Odontology 

Guidelines for doctoral programmes 

In this document, common guidelines are established for governing doctoral programmes administered by Malmö University.

Guideline for doctoral edication


Individual study plan

An individual study plan (ISP) is formulated for each PhD student at the time of acceptance to postgraduate research education using a specific form.

Read more about individual study plan.



  • Preliminary review
  • Ansökan tryckningsbidrag (in Swedish)
  • Distribution list (in Swedish)
  • Dokumentblad med ISSN - Odontologie doktorsexamen - (in Swedish)
  • Dokumentblad utan ISSN - Odontologie doktorsexamen - (in Swedish)
  • Dokumentblad med ISSN - Doktor i odontologisk vetenskap (in Swedish)
  • Dokumentblad utan ISSN - Doktor i odontologisk vetenskap (in Swedish)
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