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Research at the Faculty of Odontology

OD research

Research at the faculty spans a broad spectrum: from molecular biological studies of oral tissues to wide-ranging studies of oral health among different generations, social classes and cultures. International collaboration is a common theme, and there is frequent research co-operation across disciplinary boundaries.

Researchers at the Faculty of Odontology collaborate across subject and faculty boundaries. Together with surface chemists, for example, they study the properties of surfaces, in order to better understand reactions in the oral cavity.

To solve problems, they also rely on research findings in disciplines such as molecular biology, microbiology, radiology, implant technology, and mechanics; subjects to which they can also contribute specialist knowledge of their own.

Collaboration with psychologists, educators, and sociologists gives substance to research dealing with oral health problems associated with people's behaviour and with social and economic factors. 

Approximately 50 students are registered for post-graduate research training, and three to six theses are published and defended for the Doctoral Degree every year. Each year, 60-70 scientific papers are published, mainly in international journals.

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