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Certification programme in Implant Dentistry

Course overview

This is an extensive in-depth training certification programme designed for clinicians to learn how to execute dental implant treatments in a safe and reliable way. The course is conducted on two levels, Advanced and Certification Level. After completion of Certification Level you will be certified by The Faculty of Odontology at Malmö University to perform surgical and prosthetic implant treatment in accordance with evidence-based and scientific principles. Application forms and further information can be obtained here


Faculty of Odontology at Malmö University

The Faculty of Odontology in Malmö is one of the world’s leading institutes for dental education and research. It was established in 1948 and is regarded as one of the most influential centres of excellence in Scandinavia for oral and dental research. With an outstanding record for quality assurance in learning and teaching, The Faculty of Odontology at Malmö University is one of the world's leading places to carry out dental research. Our international reputation attracts students and staff from across the world and our programmes are delivered by leaders in their fields.  

Members of the faculty include Tomas Albrektsson, Jonas Becktor, Björn Klinge, Ann Wennerberg, Per Alstergren, Lars Bondemark, Sten Isaksson, Christina Lindh, Thomas List, Andreas Stavropoulos, Göran Urde, Per Vult von Steyern and Gunnar Warfvinge.



Advanced Level: Advanced training in implantology for more experienced and advanced implant dentists, who want to expand their treatment portfolio with the help of modern technology and advanced techniques including hands-on training. The course also includes preparations for Certification Level.

Certification Level: Examination and certification tests to receive certification in implant dentistry from Malmö University. This course gives experienced implant dentists the opportunity to distinguish themselves and gives them a competitive edge in the market by having their skills assessed, approved and certified.

You will find further information regarding Advanced Level and Certification Level here.  

Your benefits:

  • professional in-depth training in implant surgery and prosthetics including hands-on training and live surgery
  • increase of patient trust 
  • quality stamp for your dental office
  • opportunity to distinguish yourself and your practice from competitors
  • attract more local and international patients
  • recognition of your personal competence and skills by a leading dental university
  • inclusion in listing of certified clinicians on the Malmö University website

Dates and fees

Upcoming dates

Duration   Course dates Venue Participants    Course fee  
5 days  Advanced Level:
Jan 18–22, 2016
Malmö University Max. 20 $ 7,000 US
5 days  Certification Level:
June 13–17, 2016
Malmö University     Max. 12  $ 8,000 US

About Malmö

Malmö, in very close proximity to Copenhagen airport, is the commercial centre of southern Sweden and  an incredibly international city. The fact that Malmö has 300 000 residents from approximately 170 different nationalities is a testament to this. Malmö is a friendly city with a good choice of cultural attractions. The city is part of the expanding Öresund region and is connected to Copenhagen in Denmark by the mighty Öresund bridge. Look out for Malmö’s many quality restaurants, bistros and great cafés.    

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