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Orofacial Pain/Oral Medicine

This program is a full-time, four-year international master's programme in Orofacial Pain/Oral Medicine with clinical speciality training. The programme is offered to dentists who seek to improve their research experience as well as theoretical knowledge and clinical skills in Orofacial Pain and Oral Medicine.


Upon successful completion of the international master's programme in Orofacial Pain/Oral Medicine, which includes a research project and the defence of a thesis, students will be awarded a Master's Degree in Dental Science (MDSc) in Odontology, and speciality training in orofacial pain equivalent to  a Swedish specialisation degree. Additionally, students will receive as a board certification in Oral Medicine. Clinically, students will develop clinical competence and theoretical knowledge to be able to assess, diagnose and treat patients with moderately complex orofacial pain, jaw dysfunction and changes in oral mucosa.


Participants treat a variety of patients under the close supervision and guidance of a diverse and experienced faculty comprised of top researchers and practitioners in the field of orofacial pain and oral medicine.

Course components

After an introductory course in comprehensive dentistry involving all aspects of odontology, a variety of lectures, seminars and clinical sessions, as well as independent research work, are incorporated into the programme in Orofacial Pain/Oral Medicine.

Areas of focus include an overview of the biological basis of orofacial pain and oral medicine in theory and practice, diagnostic procedures and treatments. Principles, issues and diverse subjects are explored and applied to research and clinical care. Students are exposed to complex and interesting cases, in a forum designed to enhance their ability to interact successfully with professionals within the same field as well as other medical fields.

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