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The programme is a full-time, four-year international master's programme with advanced clinical training (on a level comparable to Swedish specialist training). It is offered to certified dentists who seek to improve their research experience as well as theoretical knowledge and clinical skills in Endodontics.


Upon successful completion of the international master's programme in Endodontics, which includes a research project and the defence of a thesis, participants will be awarded a Master's Degree in Dental Science (MDSc), in Odontology. Learning outcomes of a clinical, theoretical, pedagogical, and scientific nature are assessed throughout the programme. At the end of year four, final fulfilment is examined and the student should demonstrate a high level of knowledge and understanding, and skills through case presentations in writing and orally. A certificate documenting advanced clinical training at Malmö University will be issued.


Students of the programme treat selected patients under the close guidance of experienced endodontic specialists and professors.

Course components

After introductory courses in comprehensive dentistry and research methodology, an individual research project is the basis for the master's thesis, while focused specialisation is obtained through a combination of courses, lectures, seminars, and preclinical/clinical work.

The department has a problem-based approach to learning, and encourages self-directed study of endodontic principles in theory and practice. Students are exposed to clinical cases with increasing complexity. Collaboration with residents in the national specialisation programme is encouraged, and joint seminars with postgraduate students and specialists from other relevant subareas are often offered.

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