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researcher at Faculty of Education and Society

Our research spans a wide range of issues relevant to academic theory and public policymaking.

All research is organised into two major fields: Sports Science and Science of Education. Research within Sports Science is closely linked to social aspects such as gender, class and culture. Research within Science of Education is subcategorised into the following subjects:

  • History 
  • Didactics of Science and Mathematics - Studies in Science, Environmental and Mathematics Education 
  • Pedagogy and Special Pedagogy - Research Platform for Education and Special Education
  • Swedish and Didactics

Publications in English

Educare is a peer-reviewed journal published regularly at the Faculty of Education and Society. Educare publishes a wide range of research in education and educational sciences. 

Visit the Educare website

Postgraduate research

The faculty awards doctoral research degrees in the fields of Sports Science and Science of Education. Within Science of Education there are four possible subjects:

  • History and History Didactics
  • Science and Mathematics Education 
  • Pedagogy
  • Swedish and Didactics

PhD positions are generally funded by the faculty, the City of Malmö, research councils and national research schools.

PhD studies at Malmö University

To learn more about PhD studies at Malmö University, including information on guidelines, admissions and courses, please 

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