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Natural Science, Mathematics and Society

At the Department of Natural Science, Mathematics and Society we educate science teachers at all levels, from pre-school to upper secondary school. We offer courses in mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, technology and geography as integrated parts of degree programmes or as individual courses. All courses focus on science connected to learning processes.


Research has shown that, generally, children are being introduced to science and technology far too late in their education. Our goal is to educate teachers who will inspire children, from an early age, to develop a lifelong fascination with science.

The subjects are:

  • Mathematics and Learning
  • Sciences and Learning
  • Geography, Environment and Learning


The department conducts research into science education at pre-school and primary school levels, and teacher education. The research aims to understand education, learning and knowledge from different cultural, social and practical perspectives. Our research group is transdisciplinary and consists of researchers with backgrounds in science of education, mathematics, pedagogy, biology, physics, chemistry and ethnology.

Doctoral education is offered in Science and Didactics of Mathematics.

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