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Childhood, Education and Society

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The Department of Children, Youth and Society specialises in the field of ‘childhood and youth’. This is done through a wide range of disciplines such as pedagogy, sociology, psychology, language studies, historical perspectives and hands-on knowledge of drama, music and play.

Social and cultural phenomenon

Our focus is on children’s everyday lives and on childhood and youth as a social and cultural phenomenon. In this way, we view children and adolescents as active participants and members of society rather than as outsiders or as emergent members of society.

We educate practitioners

Our overall aim is to educate professional and reflective practitioners who can work in both pre-schools and primary schools and in the child and youth recreation sector.


Research in the department is focused on:

  • Childhood and adolescence in time and space
  • Childhood and adolescence in transition
  • The pre-school as a welfare institution
  • Institutionalisation
  • Professionalisation
  • Segregation
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