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PhD Courses at Culture and Society

Upcoming courses

Introduction to Global Politics, 15 credits

The course aims toward providing the doctoral student with in-depth knowledge about Global Politics, which is a multidisciplinary subject, containing theoretical approaches from both the social sciences and the humanities. 


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Ongoing courses

Advanced course in Urban Studies II - Critical Perspectives on Pro-Growth Urbanism On the governing and shaping of cities in the context of global capitalism, 7,5 credits

The purpose of the course is to give an in-depth insight into current research debates within the Urban Studies research field

Course dates: 21 October - 4 December 2019

Course description, schedule and application


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Introduction to NMOG - Nya medier, offentligheter och gestaltningsformer, 7,5 credits

The purpose of the course is for the doctoral students to position themselves in relation to the interdisciplinary NMOG research area, and correspondingly, to be able to contribute to or critique the further development NMOG and its related fields.

Course dates: 3-4 October, 7-8 November, 9-10 December 2019. 10:00-16:00


Course description, schedule and application

Application by e-mail, including a short motivation and a letter of consent from main supervisor, to Maria Hellström Reimer and/or Susan Kozel. Application deadline 15 September.

Finished courses


Space, politics and aesthetics

The purpose of the course is for the doctoral student to gain basic acquaintance with the field of political aesthetics through close reading of central texts, and tobe able to position the own work in relation to the field, thereby facilitating adeepened, cross-disciplinary discussion about some of the pressing issues of ourtimes.

Course dates:  June 13, June 26 and August 28, 2019

Course description and schedule





Riots, Uprisings, and Revolts in the Contemporary City, 7,5 credits

Course within the framework of National Research Education Programme for Cultural Geography. 

Course dates: 13 September – 14 December 2018. Uppsala University, Gothenburg University, Malmö University

Course description, schedule and application


Introductioncourse MUSA - Migration, Urbanisation and Societal Change, 7,5 credits

For IMER and Urban studies PhD students.

The purpose of the course is to provide a basic introduction to theories, concepts and phenomena within the research field Migration, urbanisation and societal change (MUSA). Emphasis is placed on the application of concepts and theories on current problems.

Course dates: 17th of September 2018 - 14th of January 2019.

More info and Schedule


Advanced course in Urban studies I, 7,5 credits

The purpose of the course is to give an in-depth orientation about theory, concepts and phenomena within the Urban Studies research field.

Course dates: 11 October - 3 December 2018

Lectures and seminars with:

§ Mustafa Dikeç (Ecole d’Urbanisme de Paris and Malmö University)

§ Tariq Jazeel (University College London)

§ Carina Listerborn (Malmö University)

§ Ananya Roy (University of California, Los Angeles)

Course description and schedule


Advanced course in International Migration and Ethnic Relations I - Migration and Segregation, 7,5 credits

The aim of the course is to give a deeper orientation about theories,concepts and phenomena within the research field of migration and segregation. In addition, the course deals with issues like the interplay between the central researchconcepts within the field.

Course dates: 15 October - 26 October 2018

Lectures with:

§ Daniela Debono

§ Brigitte Suter

§ Christina Johansson

§ Pieter Bevelander

§ Margareta Popoola

Course description and schedule


Current directions in Interaction Design Thesis research, 5 credits

This course will survey a group of recently completed Phd theses representing different areas of, and approaches to the discipline. These theses will be chosen to exemplify the diverse range of current Interaction design research practice.

Course dates: 1st of October - 15th of November


Information and application: Simon Niedenthal and Per-Anders Hillgren


Arbetsvillkor, ledning, organisering och styrning inom Human service-organisationer, 7,5 hp

Kursen ges på svenska och riktar sig till doktorander som är intresserade av att fördjupa sina kunskaper om Human service-organisationer såsom skola, vård och omsorg, som möter stora förändringar och utmaningar. Bland utmaningar finns arbetsvillkor, rekryteringsproblem, sjukfrånvaro, motsägelsefulla krav och styrsignaler. 

Kurstillfällen är 7-8 november 2018, 5-6 december, 16-17 januari 2018. Examinationspaper lämnas in senast 31 januari 2019


Information och anmälan: Tuija Muhonen



Principles and procedures for course offerings

* Introduction course runs annually

* IMER I - every two years

* IMER II - every two years

* US I - every two years

* US II - every two years

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