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How to become a Doctoral student


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Admission process
Admission to doctoral studentships
Admission employed by external party


Admission process

Admissions of doctoral students and licentiate students are determined by Malmö University's admissions regulations, (ref.no. LED 1.4-2018/478), which contains

  • preconditions for admission with regard to eg. eligibility and funding
  • admission process for doctoral students to doctoral studentships and doctoral students employed by an external party
  • transition to newly established doctoral education subject without new admission
  • change of subject or general study plan 

The eligibility requirements for admission to doctoral studies in Computer Science, which are based on Malmö University's admission regulations and the Higher Education Ordinance, can be found in the general study plan (more info on general study plans under Education).

On the basis of Malmö University admission regulations, the Faculty has established an ordinance for admissions as described below.


Admission of doctoral student to doctoral studentships


Notification and advertising

The notification procedure is initiated by the department head in consultation with the board of supervisors. The advertisement text is prepared in board of supervisors and FFN and is decided by the dean. The advertisement is normally published for at least two weeks on the Malmö University webpage, but as a rule, the advertisement is published more widely and for a longer period. Unless there are special reasons, the advertisement must be written in English.


The application is made on a special form and in accordance with the instructions in the call.

Assessment and selection

A reviewgroup is appointed by the board of supervisors that reviews the applications and calls for interviews. Doctoral student at the department is offered to participate in the interviews. 

If the number of eligible applicants exceeds the number of vacancies, the selection shall be based on the applicants' ability to profit by the education. The general study plan for the current subject states which assessment grounds should be applied when reviewing the ability to profit by the education. In addition, specific criteria may be used depending on the level of specialization of the vacancy. 

The fact that applicants are  assessed  to be credited for previous education or professional qualifications does not automatically give them precedence before other applicants in the selection process (Higher Education Ordinance Chapter 7 section 41).

The equal opportunity aspect shall be considered by giving precendence to the underrepresented sex when conditions are otherwise equal.

Admission and employment decision

After a review of the applications, the review group writes a proposal to admissions which describes the selection process and, where all the candidates' qualifications and merits are assessed. After the proposal to admissions has been prepared by board of supervisors and FFN it goes to the dean for decision.

The head of department contacts the proposed doctoral student. The dean decides on both the admission and employment. Admission normally takes place twice a year: 1 February and 1 September.

All applicants must be notified within seven working days after the decision on admission. All applicants take part of the proposal to admission. As per HEO chapter 12 section 2, a decision on employment as a doctoral student may not be appealed.


Admission of doctoral students employed by an external party

Admission request from external employer

Upon request from an external employer to admit an externally employed doctoral student, the dean shall determine if the relevant doctoral education area can offer supervision and acceptable general study conditions (see Preconditions for admission). 


The funding and forms of the education shall be established in an agreement between the University and the external employer. The agreement shall cover the full study period. The doctoral student’s funding shall be provided by the external employer. The agreement can include obligations for the external employer to also cover full or partial costs for the educational content, supervision, and related costs.


The doctoral studentship does not need to be advertised.


The applicant hands in a filled in form: Application for admission to doctoral education and attach documentary evidence showing that he or she fulfils the eligibility requirements and has the ability to profit from doctoral studies.

Assessment and selection

Assessment  of received documents is made by an expert scientifically competent person who is appointed by the board of supervisors.

In the assessment the following should be taken into account: eligibility, the ability to profit from the studies and  the planed research relevance within the faculty, and availability of supervisors.

Admission decision

After a review of the application, the expert writes a proposal to admissions which describes the assessment process. After the proposal to admissions has been prepared by board of supervisors and FFN it goes to the dean for decision. 


Introduction of new doctoral students 

 Introduction of new doctoral students at Malmö University takes place twice a year, usually in February and September. In addition to the joint university introduction faculty introduction is arranged, where the doctoral students are informed about rules and conditions prevailing within each faculty. 

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