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In order to be admitted to Doctoral education you must as a rule be simultaneously employed as a Doctoral student. The total full-time employment period is four years (two years for the licentiate degree). In connection with the admission Doctoral students are employed for one year. After this, the employment is prolonged by one or two years at a time.

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Department duties
Approved leave from studies
Pay structure
Introduction for new employees 

Your employment period may be prolonged if you take approved leave from studies, as regulated by the Higher Education Ordinance, or perform department duties. The total employment time for a Doctoral Student must not exceed eight years (four years for the licentiate degree).However, it must never be longer than the equivalent of four years' full-time Doctoral education (2 years for the Licentiate degree). The employment of Doctoral Students is regulated by the Higher Education Ordinance Ch. 5 section 7

Department duties

Every Doctoral Student with an employment at Malmö University is linked to a department. The department arranges a workplace with access to a computer and other necessary work tools. Doctoral Students are expected to be present and contribute to the research environment. . 

Full-time Doctoral education covers four years, of which a maximum of 20 % may be required for department duties. In such cases the education is prolonged correspondingly, so that department duties amounting to 20 % result in prolonging the doctoral employment to five years.

The extent of the department duties should be planned in dialogue between each Doctoral Student and the department management (the head of the department or the equivalent). Preferably, this should be done in connection with the workplace introduction.

Within the framework of department duties Doctoral Students are entitled to be allotted 10 hours/term for workplace meetings. The final number of hours allotted depends on the Ddoctoral Student's actual attendance at workplace meetings.

The courses in teaching and learning in higher education that are attended by Doctoral Students form part of the continuing professional development they need to function as teachers in their department.  Read the decision here 

Approved leave from studies

If leave from studies has been approved due to illness, parental leave or for other reasons regulated in the Higher Education Ordinance, Ch 6, section 29, information of this must be given to Primula, the university payroll and personell system. The right to such leave is laid down by law and is regularly granted by the department head. Nevertheless, it is important to inform supervisors of such leave for inclusion in the planning. At long leave due to illness a doctor's certificate must be submitted. Doctoral Students who cannot prove any reason for their leave from studies will not be allowed study time prolongation. 

Furthermore, great restriction is maintained in granting leave. When granted for other reasons than those mentioned above, an application from the doctoral student, supervisors and head of department should be submitted to the dean. Leave may, for instance, be approved for reasons of promoting the dissertation project in some respect. Apart from the great restriction in granting such leave, it may only apply for brief periods.

It is also important for Doctoral Students to exercise the right to exert influence on the Doctoral education by being represented in relevant preparatory and decision-making bodies. As representation of this category is not included in dissertation or course work, the study time should be prolonged.See 

Pay structure 

Doctoral Student salaries follow a pay scale. In addition to annual pay changes, Doctoral Students are entitled to apply for a rise according to this scale. When 50 % of the requirements for the doctoral degree have been met, the salary is raised accordingly. When 75% have been completed, the salary increases further. The new salary is paid out from the month following after the requirements have been fulfilled. 

When 50% or 75 % of the Doctoral studies have been completed by Doctoral Students, this has to be testified in writing by the main supervisor and examiner submitted to the researchadministrator and the Human Resources department.

Introduction for new employees

Information for new employee at Malmö University

At the Faculty of Culture and Society your nearest superior in the department is in charge of your introduction.

A separate introduction is held for Doctoral education (See How to become a Doctoral Student).

For more information, see For employees at Culture and Society (in Swedish)

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