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PhD studies at the Faculty of Culture and Society

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In the Faculty of Culture and Society you can apply to Doctoral Studies within the following subjects: 

Global politics

Media and Communication Studies

Interaction Design

International Migration and Ethnic Relations  (IMER) 

Urban Studies

Before starting doctoral studies

Why doctoral studies? 

If you are really enthusiastic about your subject and wish to deepen your knowledge, you can apply to doctoral studies. It is based on the knowledge you have acquired from undergraduate and advanced level education. The goal is for you to independently work with research after the education

How to become a doctoral student 

To be admitted to doctoral studies you must be simultaneously employed as a doctoral student.This means that you must apply to and obtain a vacant position to become admitted. If special reasons are found, other ways of financing may be accepted. You must also fulfil the general and specific entry requirements. The selection is made in competition with other applicants through an assessment by experts.

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This is where you find the university's vacant PhD positions

After becoming a Doctoral student 

Doctoral studies

Doctoral studies is built on a combination of self study, group supervision, individual supervision, seminars and courses. The general goals for doctoral studies are stated in The Higher Education Ordinance, while the subject-specific goals are detailed in the general syllabus for each subject. Every research student follows an individual study plan produced together with the supervisors. Doctoral studies comprises a dissertation and a course section. 

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Employment as a doctoral student 

The employment period runs for one year at a time. At the start of the appointment the doctoral student is employed for one year. After this the employment is prolonged by one or two years at a time.

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Public defence and degree

Licentiate and doctoral degrees
Licentiate degrees are awarded after a two-year programme. After completing the doctoral studies programme corresponding to four years' full-time study you may obtain a doctoral degree. 

The "disputation” is the examination that concludes your doctoral studies. This is when you defend your dissertation publicly 

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