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The Institute for Studies in Malmö's history


The Institute’s mission is to initiate research on the history of Malmö, dialogue between researchers and the residents of Malmö, and act as a link to make the dialogue reciprocal. Malmö University's stated ambition to become an important part of the conversation in Malmö, and perspective of civic education, is a natural starting point. The Institute works to broaden the conversation between the University and the citizens so that everyone is included.

To understand the development in Malmö, the process must be linked to the global context and vice versa. The discussion of how the global and local are linked is important, and the Institute aims to bring this discussion to Malmö by linking and consolidating contacts with researchers and archives in the global academic community. By facilitating an exchange - professionally and with the interested public – the dialogue in Malmö will also be a global conversation, to make a historical perspective on our common future possible and relevant.

The Institute acts towards Malmö University and the City of Malmö’s goal to play an active role in the global community, by providing an additional activity to the already broad set of undertakings in which global cooperation is the focus. The broad academic expertise available at Malmö University creates conditions for constructive development and high academic quality.

It connects with actors such as the city of Malmö, Malmö City Archives, Malmö Museum, Malmö City Library, The Labour Movement Archives and a number of other relevant institutions, including several from the private sector and civil society.

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