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Doctoral Studies

The intense urbanisation worldwide has led to that more than half of the world's population now lives in cities, and means that the importance of urban regions continues to grow.

Unequal global processes transform infrastructures, economies, institutions and power hierarchies. Ingrained hierarchies of power are challenged by diasporas, global movements and international subcultures, which problematizesconventional notions about the relationships between state, nation, territory and identity. Cities are now to a lesser extent subordinate to nation-states, instead the latter are often restructured in order to make it easier for their cities in the global competition. The leading experts in architecture, engineering and planning now have the whole world as their field. The global economy is constantly changing the material basis of social life, and the most dramatic changes are taking place in cities. Global conflicts become visible in urban public spaces and in the daily lives of residents.

The doctoral studies subject Urban Studies can be defined as the scientific study of the content, form, planning and transformation of urban areas. The subject is positioned in a field of tension between social and cultural practices and the material world of manufactured landscapes, buildings, infrastructure and everyday objects. Urban Studies is of major substantive breadth and treats several aspects of urban conditions, which requires that it is multi- and interdisciplinary and pluralistic in terms of research methods. This makes it possible to overcome the dichotomy between the city as a social and cultural practice on the one hand and the city as a spatial and material order on the other, and to treat it as a continuum of levels, from the individual building to the complex relationships within the global network of cities. Urban Studies is based on a multi- and interdisciplinary foundation with roots in engineering, natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. At Malmö University the focus is on the parts of the subject Urban Studies relevant to the field of migration, urbanization and societal change.

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