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Research at Urban Studies

At present, fifty percent of the world’s population is living in urban areas. This figure is expected to rise to sixty percent within the next twenty years. On a daily basis, urbanisation is increasing at a ratio equivalent to that of Malmö city. This rapid process of urbanisation leads to huge challenges – housing, communication, water, energy, food and many other resources. This has to occur in conjunction with the maintenance and emergence of a well-functioning society and the development of democracy and cultural manifoldness.

Sustainable construction In Västra hamnen, Malmö, Sweden.                         

Photo: Leif Johansson

Sustainability and integration
At the Department of Urban Studies we carry out teaching and research with the long term goal of building sustainable and attractive cities. Three areas of focus are the mainstay of Urban Studies at Malmö University: 
• Sustainable urban development, which focuses on leadership, organization and management of urban development processes. 
• Culture and urban integration that focus on urban integration processes. 
• Real estate, housing and environmental planning, which focus on construction, real estate business, property, housing and good living conditions. 

Multidisciplinary research 
Urban Studies is a comprehensive university and multidisciplinary education and research environment. Teachers and researchers from a wide range of topics participate, including architecture, built environment, ethnology, building science, business administration, gender studies, history, sports science, interaction design, international migration and ethnic relations, cultural geography, landscape architecture, management and organization, criminology, media and communication science, environmental science, psychology, political science and sociology. 

Urban Studies interacts actively with municipalities and regional government and participates in several centres, such as the Centre for Real Estate Business and the Institute for Sustainable Urban Development.

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