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Brush up your English skills


Do you want to take your English skills to the next level?

  • Academic Writing and Rhetoric, 15 hp
    You will write short academic essays for a variety of audiences and purposes. Learn to write clear, concise and coherent university-level papers in standard written English using current academic citation practices.

  • Copy Editing, 7,5 hp
    Introduces you to the theory and practice of copy editing, which are thereafter transformed into praxis through concrete exercises in: text structure; vocabulary; grammar and punctuation; and lexical and stylistic variation.

  • Introduction to English Grammar, 7,5 hp
    Provides you with a basic understanding of English grammar through study and analysis of the structure of English sentences. This will enable you to analyse and improve your own writing in English.

  • Language and Social Interaction, 15 hp
    Provides you with a multidisciplinary perspective on the study of language. Starting with the study of language origins, we move on to look at how and why languages change. The focus is on the social dimension of language use, including the creation and upholding of power relations in society. The empirical analysis of texts is embedded in a critical analysis of their societal and cultural context.
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